The Dark Days

by Simon Green

For over 50 years the school has played an important role shaping the future for Ashton’s children.

Whilst the school is currently thriving, this a long cry from the dark days of the late 80s, when the school was due to be closed for good. Ashton-on-Ribble High School, as it was then, was shortlisted for demolition when it was found that the fabric of the old building was crumbling. Cuts in education at the time meant that schools all over Preston were under threat. The sorry state of the Ashton school’s building gave the authorities a good excuse to close the school down altogether.

A vigorous campaign took place to save the school. Stickers were produced with the campain slogan: SAS - Save Ashton School! Suddenly many houses and cars in Ashton were covered in such stickers.

Whilst other schools didn’t survive the cuts, the money was found to knock Ashton high school’s old building down and replace it with more modern facilities.

The school was renamed Ashton Community Science College in September 2004. The science specialism led to the installation of the distinctive windmill, and brought with it a solid investment in the school’s ICT infrastructure, including interactive whiteboards in every classroom.

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