What's App Neighbourhood WATCH

Following a suggestion from the police, residents of a number of streets in old Ashton have created What's App WATCH groups (coloured green). Basically, one or two people have taken responsibility for setting up a group and inviting trusted residents in their street to join.

The idea is that when residents see or experience a crime/instance of anti social behaviour they message the group with the details. This enables group members to take precautions; check their CCTV cameras for useful information, and support the neighbours affected. One group managed to alert the police and give them sufficient information for the police to catch the burglars whilst they were en-route home with the swag in their car. And this was despite the fact the resident was on holiday abroad. (That's modern technology for you!)

If you would like to start a group for your street check out this guide based on the experiences of the Ashton admins.

If you would like to link your group to the current network, please e-mail details to ashtononribbleanchor@gmail.com