PACT Meetings

ASHTON PACT (Police and Communities Together) MEETINGS

In late September 2018, prompted by a discussion with an Ashton resident regarding the number of crimes occurring in the neighbourhood, Cllr. Liz Atkins (Labour) arranged an Emergency PACT meeting. This was the first PACT meeting for a number of months after regular meetings were abandoned following a large decline in attendance.

The minutes of the Emergency Meeting can be viewed here.

Following the meeting, a Powis Road resident contacted Cllr. Gillian Oliver (Labour) to arrange a shadow walk the length of Powis Road with representatives from LCC Highways and concerned residents to discuss areas of concern.

You can read the report from Highways, here.


In October 2019, Ashton residents Michael Balshaw ( Independent candidate for Ashton 2019) and Beth Balshaw (Independent candidate For Ashton 2019) created an alternative organisation covering the new ward boundaries for Ashton called Ashton-On Ribble and Riversway People and Communities Together. They also created a Facebook Page and group of the same name to communicate with residents.